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In pursuit of new and better solutions to ensure more effective healthcare

The Foundation is engaged in research in areas of obstetrics, gynaecology, neonatology as well as other areas in medicine and surgery with an aim to find more effective ways of reducing mortality and morbidity and increase patient care and wellbeing.

Conferences Organized

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OBS-MED 2018 Conference

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Breech Birth Workshop

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FIGO Classification Workshop

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FIGO Classification Workshop

We undertake studies and research activities for Governmental Organisations, NGOs and private national or international agencies, companies, and organizations. We also provide and arrange for collaborative study, research and investigations, and for exchanges of ideas, experience and biological samples for promotion of better understanding between organisations and individuals having similar objects and interests in India and abroad. To this end, we also regularly undertake, organize and facilitate study courses, conferences, lectures, and seminars.

Our doctors regularly conduct studies and present papers at national and international conferences on various healthcare topics with a focus on maternity, childbirth and neonatology. In 2018 alone, we had 15 papers presented on topics as varied as the glycemic response to moderate carbohydrate breakfasts for patients with gestational diabetes and the beneficial impact of antenatal education on natural births

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