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Spreading knowledge and enhancing skills for medical professionals and the public at large

In the area of Education, the Foundation focuses on the needs of doctors, nurses, technicians and school and college students. Our activities are presently centred on the Fernandez Teaching and Training Academy, which enables post-graduate accreditation and in-house certification courses.

Workshops Conducted

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Basic Surgical Skills Workshop

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CPR in pregnancy
OELSS Workshop

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Neonatal Resuscitation
OELSS Workshop

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CPR in Pregnancy
OELSS Workshop

Professional Midwifery Education and Training (PMET) Programme

This is a two-year that was begun in August 2011 to help build a select group of skilled nurses trained especially to promote and deliver, effective maternity care. Tutors/midwives come regularly from the UK, to help train batches of student nurses. In December 2017, in collaboration with the Union Govt. and UNICEF, we set up India’s first professional midwife certification program that is designed as per the International Confederation of Midwives standards. The first batch of 30 nurses, selected from the healthcare system of the Telangana Govt., completed this 18-month program and received their certification in June 2019.

Going forward, we envisage the establishment of a full-fledged training institute, which will offer courses in Midwifery and Nursing, certification programs for paramedics as well as Continuing Medical Education opportunities for doctors.

We also conduct and promote medical programmes, conferences and workshops, enabling doctors, nurses and midwives to interact with colleagues and learn from peers. Besides, we organise rural outreach initiatives to help educate, screen and treat the population at large for all conditions relating to obstetrics, gynaecology, neonatology and all other areas of medicine and surgery. We also conduct free training programmes in all the above areas and grant certificates or recognition as well, wherever appropriate.

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