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Committed to creating a safe, inclusive world for every child with special needs

The Fernandez Foundation, in collaboration with the Divis Foundation for Gifted Children, both not-for-profit organisations, have set up one of India’s most comprehensive holistic centres for children with special needs – The Fernandez Child Development Centre. The centre provides them the full range of therapeutic and developmental support, along with ancillary therapies and services. The Centre individualizes each child’s treatment according to their developmental needs. We do this through a cohesive team approach, which decreases multiple visits for other specialities. Our goal is to ensure that each child develops into a self-reliant, productive adult, who leads a life of dignity and respect.

Holistic Centre for Special Children

Childcare1-Art therapy

Art Therapy

Childcare2-Audiology (1)


Childcare3-Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapy

Childcare4-Physio Therapy (1)

Physio Therapy

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Play Fort

Childcare6-Yoga room

Yoga Room

The Fernandez Child Development Centre is, in many ways, a first mover in child development with unique initiatives. For instance, treatment is individualized for children according to their developmental needs. This is facilitated through a cohesive team approach so as to arrive at a holistic therapeutic strategy that is best for the child. Parents are encouraged to witness and even participate in therapy sessions as it helps them get a more nuanced understanding of how the therapy works and are better able to manage the children at home.

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