A legacy of leadership

Committed to equitable and respectful care for women and children

The Fernandez Foundation is committed to taking forward its legacy of leadership in healthcare through excellence and compassionate service, in the spirit of inclusion and justice; being respectful of every human being and upholding their dignity at every stage of life; adhering to values enshrined in Christian beliefs. All the institutions established under the Foundation’s aegis also conform to these values.

Our activities encompass six different areas – Healthcare, Child Development, Advocacy, Education, Retail and Research – with a focus on ensuring respectful and equitable care and a life of dignity for women, the newborn and children. At Fernandez, we believe that these are the birthright of every woman and child.

Our Values

The Fernandez Foundation has a legacy that is characterized by five values. All the institutions established under the Foundation’s umbrella also conform to these values.


We believe everyone in this world has the right to be treated with dignity, no matter what their social or financial status, and we practise this belief in everything we do.



No one who seeks our services will ever be turned away on the grounds of ethnicity, language, caste, religion, social class or ability to pay.



People come to us when they need help. We recognize this and will always serve them with complete consideration, never taking advantage of their vulnerability.



We always do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, maintaining complete transparency and ethical integrity in all our transactions.



We recognize, as an institutional citizen, that we have a responsibility to our people, the community, the nation and the environment.


To ensure that women and children receive high quality, respectful and appropriate medical and developmental care, because good health and a life of dignity are their birthright.


A world in which every woman and child has access to high quality, compassionate care, that enables a life of respect and dignity.

Our Leadership

Fernandez Foundation is helmed by an illustrious Board of Governors, who are supported by a team of over a thousand committed professionals, led by the CEO.
Dr. Olinda Timms
Dr. Olinda Timms
Member of Board of Governors
Dr. Evita Fernandez
Dr. Evita Fernandez
Dr. Pramod G.
Dr. Pramod G.
Chief Executive Officer
Kannan Ragunathan
Kannan Ragunathan
Member of Board of Governors
Peter Leslie Martin
Peter Leslie Martin
Member of Board of Governors

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