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Fernz Mommy & Baby Store

World-class products for mommies and babies

The FERNZ Mommy & Baby Store is the first entity in Fernandez Foundation’s retail vertical. 

It is stocked with a wide range of everything that a new mom and her baby need. At present, FERNZ products are available at our Stork Home Hospital, Banjara Hills. Very soon, FERNZ will come closer to you as we expand our outlets in the near future.


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Fernz is one more way in which we help to ensure that women and children receive high quality, respectful and appropriate care, because good health and a life of dignity are their birthright.

At present, a FERNZ outlet exists in our hospital, Stork Home, at Banjara Hills. The future will see more FERNZ stores at our other hospitals as well as an expanded product line to cater to other patient groups.

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